Older Adults

The natural process of aging is a transition that can present unique challenges for individuals and families. While many older adults look forward to retirement, grandchildren, and the freedom of their later years, they may also find it difficult to adjust. Health issues and stress are common in older adults, and the support of a therapist can help.

Understanding Aging

Many adults eagerly anticipate their “Golden Years” … retirement, grandchildren, and the chance to finally pursue hobbies and travel. At the same time, many dread the inevitable physical and mental effects that come with aging. Many older adults (and their spouses) find it difficult to adjust to retirement.  New medical conditions and physical limitations pose new challenges as they try to find enjoyable, meaningful activities. The reality of facing one’s own mortality and grieving the loss of peers are additional challenges faced during this season of life. At the same time, older adults may find themselves struggling with how to best love and care for adult children and grandchildren.

Cognitive and Mental Health Concerns

While it is normal for older adults to experience some mental decline, others may experience a more significant impairment in functioning indicative of Dementia. Even mild forms of Dementia are associated with the development of mental health conditions including depression, paranoia, and anxiety.  Counseling can help older adults and their families cope with these challenges.

Mental health concerns commonly experienced by older adults include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sexual dysfunction and sleep problems
  • Depression
  • Behavioral concerns
  • High suicide rates
  • Alcohol and substance dependency

Benefits of Counseling for Older Adults

Counseling can help older adults cope with the challenging transitions inherent to the aging process. A non-biased confidant can be a valuable resource for older adults and their families who may experience difficulty with the transitions associated with aging. Counselors can help older adults find new sources of joy, meaning, and purpose, establish support systems, and face fears of mortality and grief.   

Counseling is covered by most Medicare plans. 
​Several of our therapists are in-network with Medicare.