Senttra Snowden-Greg

Who am I? 

I am a Black woman on a journey of loving all parts of myself, authentically. I value purpose, boldness, joy, freedom, and connection.

I stand for rest. I stand for restoration. As a counselor, I work to remind my clients that you are allowed to let go of who you think you need to be to become who are and find your way home.

In addition to being a counselor, I am a PhD student, yogi, lover of books (fiction, of course), and former English teacher but forever educator.

I love working with:

I love working with people who are open to growth and committed to this process. I value safety within the therapeutic alliance striving to ensure all feel welcome to explore their identities and backgrounds.

As a Black woman, I am passionate in creating a safe space for people of color, women, Black women, and those who have struggled to fit into society’s created box of acceptance.

My clinical experience has predominantly been with adults surviving through trauma including historical trauma, race-based stress, sexual trauma, and complex PTSD. I also have experience in working with children.

Some of my favorite approaches include: 

As a clinician, I provide my clients with the space to explore the weight they are carrying using person-centered and Feminist therapy. At the core, I value collaborative relationships grounded in trust, each person’s authenticity, and an honoring of each person’s lived experiences. With

Feminist therapy, we discuss intersectionality, identify development, socialization, and oppression in order to promote empowerment and cycle breaking. I enter our collective space authentically as a Black woman and invite my clients to authentically enter as themselves as well.

I also honor and value cultural healing through work with intergenerational and historical trauma. This means I may journey with my clients to explore their childhood, attachment, or past traumas and the traumas of their generational culture.