Llorin Hunt, LCSW

Who am I?

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My role as a therapist is to be your  companion or guide in helping you face whatever difficulty, pain, suffering, or questions you (or your child) might be finding too heavy to sort out alone.

Being trauma-informed is a cornerstone of my therapeutic approach and presence, which for you would feel like an approach that considers “what has happened to you/what have you experienced?” rather than “what is wrong with you?” 

I bring a keen awareness of what life is like for military and foreign service service members and families, having grown up in and now parenting in a military/expat family. I am LGBTQIA affirming in my practice.

My formal education was at Smith College (BA) and at the Smith College School for Social Work (MSW) in Northampton, Massachusetts.

I love working with:

  • Young children
  • Parents of young children and elementary school aged children.  My clinical approach offers all the grace and compassion for both how difficult and enriching being a parent/caregiver can be, recognizing wholeheartedly this is also present in prenatal/perinatal and postpartum phases, and during struggles with infertility for parents of any gender. I am not a custody evaluator or a co-parenting counselor.
  • College students and graduate students
  • People in life transitions
  • Individuals who have experienced trauma/adverse experiences, including adverse experiences from childhood 
  • Humans who want to understand themselves better, and want to use that understanding to operate differently in life and relationships

Some of my favorite approaches include:

  • For many people, the body, brain, and psyche know and feel things that can be difficult to put in the form of words, at least at first. Thus, I often find great value in utilizing expressive interventions, as age appropriate, including Sandtray therapy, art and sensorimotor art therapy interventions
  • Ego state therapy (Internal Family System-informed approaches)
  • Theraplay (theraplay.org)
  • Circle of Security (circleofsecurityinternational.com)
  • Tuning into Kids—emotion coaching for kids based on John Gottman’s work  (tuningintokids.org.au)
  • For children, I also like to draw from my training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy (childparentpsychotherapy.com) and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).