Anika Criddle, MEd

Who am I?

I care deeply about how our relationships impact us and the well-being of our family members and communities throughout generations. I think that there are good reasons for why we function the way we do in life, and yet sometimes our efforts to protect ourselves can keep us from fully thriving as individuals, as partners, or as families. Sometimes, the ways we have learned to protect ourselves from feeling emotions can keep us from fully connecting with our own inner needs or with the people we are trying to love. These patterns can become ingrained in the ways we relate to ourselves and others. I believe that as we recognize our part in these cycles, we can shift them to create new positive patterns of interaction and find the outcomes we desire on many levels.  

I love working with:

I love working with couples, families, and individuals to help you access your strengths and work through struggles together. I am here to help support you in the face of anxiety, depression, grief, infertility, disordered eating, or in your parenting and relationship challenges. My favorite work as a counselor is helping you to find insight, new perspectives, and renewed hope and connection. Whether you are feeling stuck in how you are communicating your emotional needs with your partner, hoping to better attune to your child through your parenting, or wanting to make sense of what you have experienced or recognize what you truly value, I believe I can help. I hope that as we work together you will find yourself growing in new ways, offering yourself and others compassion–all while feeling empowered and supported in the process.  

Some of my favorite approaches include:

Internal Family Systems (IFS), DBT Interventions, Gottman Method Couples Approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT).

I earned my master’s degree from the College of William & Mary in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Couples, Marriage and Family Therapy concentration and am a Resident in Counseling working under the supervision of Mary LeGouellec, LPC.