Grief and Loss

“There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.”

-Henry Wordsworth

Your grief feels like a cloak… like a dark cloud that makes everyday grey and dreary. It seems as if it will never get better. You’re hurting and experiencing something uniquely painful. A deep and profound sense of loss. You don’t feel like yourself. You thought you were strong. You felt prepared to handle life’s ups and downs, and you have. You have been through tough things and wonder why this loss has turned your world upside down. Some days are okay, and you wonder if you’re overreacting… if you should be “over it” by now.  

So here you are, grieving, and you’re starting to believe life will never be the same again.
Your days feel dreary, as though covered by a haze that never lifts. You find yourself unable to stop thinking about what happened. The tears come at the most random times. Other times you shut down and just feel numb. Neither response feels right.

You don’t want to be mourning the rest of your life but part of you isn’t sure you want to move on either. You’re confused, frustrated, guilty, sad, angry, numb, and anxious but you’re making it through each day.  

You’re making it, but you know this isn’t the abundant life for which you were created.