Eating Disorders

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

You thought you had control. You thought you were like everyone else – trying to eat “healthy,” lose a few pounds, and feel better. But now you feel like a slave to food, weight, the scale, binging, purging, and exercise. Nothing else in life seems to matter.  

Maybe you can’t remember a time when life was different. Maybe you can’t imagine a life that isn’t governed by the food police and the obsessions and compulsions that guide your daily existence. Deep down, however, you hope that there might be a way to enjoy life without fretting about calories, despising your body, and organizing your schedule around the next binge and purge.

So here you are, skeptical, but holding onto that grain of hope that counseling might help.

But there is also a part of you that isn’t sure you are ready. The food and exercise behaviors may not be ideal, but they are comfortable, and the thought of changing is TERRIFYING. Besides, you are still functioning, showing up where you’re supposed to, and even doing well in school and at work. Do I even have a problem? Do I qualify? Am I sick enough? You wonder.  

You are probably at this website because you have tried to change alone. You are likely highly successful, intelligent, and capable and can’t believe that anyone else would be able or equipped to understand the complexity of your relationship with food.  

That is why we’re here.  We believe that recovery is possible.