College Students

All those years of striving — taking the hardest classes, excelling in extracurriculars, rising to leadership positions, filling volunteer roles, playing varsity sports … and you finally made it! You got in. You decided to attend.

Now what?

It’s just not what you expected. You find yourself confused, unsure what to major in, when to study and when to have fun, and where you fit in this sea of highly accomplished students. You wonder if you picked the wrong place. You struggle to balance the many priorities vying for your precious time.  The stress culture feels overwhelming, and yet you wonder if you may be the one putting the stress on yourself. The pressure… the comparison… social media… the future… It’s a lot, and you just want someone to talk to.    
Located just minutes away from the College of William and Mary, Abundant Life Partners loves our college students. In addition to working with local college students, the therapists at Abundant Life Partners also work virtually with college students throughout the state of Virginia.