Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling, sometimes referred to as pastoral counseling, is premised on the belief that God is our Creator and most competent Healer. He has given us truth in the Bible that speaks to all of our human needs. The work of biblical counseling involves praying and working together to identify the root causes of problems, which could be sin, or suffering, and looking together to find out how Scripture speaks to that issue.

We process that in your particular context and look to relationship with Christ the Lord for wisdom, comfort, and strength to make changes. The biblical counseling model presumes that we will all continue to experience suffering and struggle with sin during our time on this earth — biblical counselors often confess that “we have not yet arrived.” A counselor trained in this model approaches sessions as an opportunity to grow in relationship with Christ and in understanding of his Gospel alongside one another.

If you are interested in learning more about Biblical Counseling, please contact Sarah Parks.